Agulhas Wine Triangle Syrah/Shiraz Collection

Agulhas Wine Triangle Syrah/Shiraz Collection

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The Agulhas Wine Triangle was established by a group of pioneering winemakers from the southernmost tip of Africa, boasting Sauvignon Blanc and Syrah varieties.

What is in the box?

Wrapped in ribbon, the six wines of the Agulhas Wine Triangle Syrah/Shiraz Collection are accompanied by Ed and Ivy's Tasting Notes and a Tasting Card to pencil in your own experience together with friends, a wine club or on your own.

The Mermaid's Dad
Black Oystercatcher Triton 2016 by Dirk Human

The Gatekeeper
Bruce Jack Clean Slate Shiraz 2019 by Bruce Jack

The Lighthouse Lad
Land's End Cape Agulhas Syrah 2018 by Shawn Thomson

The Fynbos Feline
Lomond Cat's Tail Syrah 2017 by Hannes Meyer

The Virginal Serenity
Olivedale Masterpiece of Nature Syrah 2017 by Jolene Le Roux

The Masculine Beauty
Strandveld Syrah 2018 by Conrad Vlok